Sloan-C 2013

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Emerging Technologies for Online Learning

New discoveries in technology happen rapidly and far too frequently. It is difficult to keep up with every new release or innovation. Advances in technology often become the vehicle for new ways to learn or enhance learner opportunities in our classrooms. As educators we progress forward, gaze back, and aim to bring the best of old and new to create an optimal environment to our students. However daunting this mission is, we tackle the problems and learn best from those who are already building the bridges and taking on the tasks we want to try. The field is advanced by those who share, scrutinize, and study. We invite you to contribute to the progress by presenting and attending this year’s symposium and encouraging your colleagues to join our efforts.

The ET4Online Symposium offers you an opportunity to study best practices, understand applications, discover new technologies, and connect to others who share a love for and belief in the promise of educational technology.

In 2012 the symposium developed a new mission statement designed to emphasize the innovation and invention that is the focus of the conference: A conference devoted to the emerging and innovative uses of technology designed to improve teaching and learning online. Tracks for this year’s conference include Learning Spaces and Communities, Open and Accessible Learning, Evidence-based Learning, Faculty and Student Development, and Innovative Media and Tools. Woven into the conference program and offered within the structure of the tracks will be special emerging technologies, future academics, sandbox, leadership, and STEM sessions. We are also building upon the unconference experience from 2012 to offer again an unconference showcasing innovation and hot topics in 2013.

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