Sloan-C 2013

Communicating Effectively in the Online Environment


This open discussion is an interactive attempt to answer questions related to communication within the online classroom. With the support of internet access, attendees who bring their own devices will have an opportunity to explore different communication tools and share their best practices.

Looking into the world of online education, the most common mistake made in courses is the lack of communication. With so many tools available for FREE to users, it would be beneficial to know what options for communication are "out there" and which can be integrated into classes.

Ruth will present researched best practices with online communication. She will also demonstrate how she communicates with her students and provide resources for online tools. These resources include avatar creation, audio, video, screen recording and various other fun tools to bring into the online environment.

Feedback from others on their favorite online communication style will be generated allowing the group to network ideas. All participants will walk away with a better understanding of how to make the online course communicative as well as user friendly.